Financial Solutions for America's Student Loan Borrowers

$1.6 trillion in Student Loan Debt goes into repayment this fall. 45 million Americans – including your employees and customers – will experience one of the greatest financial transitions in our country's history.

Shur works with your company, city, and membership organization to help your people move from debt to wealth creation.

It is time for this kind of solution: the world needs young people to get to college, graduate, then enter the workforce, and be able to absorb life’s inevitable shocks. Social and economic mobility can be a reality within reach for millions more students and their families. Partners like Equifax, Inc., VantageScore, and others have made a commitment to these goals. Through their support, Shur is making it possible. David Stiffler — Director of Community Relations, Edward Jones

Let's help Student Loan Borrowers meet the moment

Shur is the national authority on the complex financial lives and unique economic challenges of student loan borrowers. With Shur, your organization can be the difference maker that helps your employees and customers accelerate financial success and wealth creation through:

Data, Insights & AI

With Equifax® and VantageScore™, Shur has been conducting the largest continuous national deep-dive data study to understand how to support employees, customers, and residents entering repayment and focusing on their financial lives.

Financial Capability

A Financial Counseling and Planning program designed to build financial strength and confidence. Access to Shur’s products provides vital breathing room for the borrower in times of economic distress.

Financial Planning Products that secure a borrower’s financial future

Coming soon: Access to repayment protection insurance; banking, credit card, and insurance products specially designed for the Student Loan Borrower.

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