Everyone can create and maintain wealth. 

We believe that Student Loans are today's greatest suppressor of net worth.

Insurance helps reduce risk in the face of life's inevitable shocks. Focus on getting the most out of your college education and make smart financial decisions during repayment. The first step toward creating wealth.

Shur helps You Protect and Build Your Financial Future.

How much wealth will you have at 35?
Shur wants to help you create wealth, not just more debt.

Wealth held in 1990 by
35 year old Baby Boomers

Wealth held in 2008 by
35 year old GenXers

Estimated wealth held in 2023 by
35 year old Millennials

The Investment You Made in Education Should Work Now and For a Lifetime.

Each stage of your life -- before college, during college, and once you graduate -- are opportunities to move from debt to wealth creation. We work with you to make your investment in education pay dividends.

Insurance for life’s shocks

Pay a modest premium upfront. When you are in repayment, we will be your support if you run into an unexpected financial shock.

Repayment right for you

We work with your school, loan servicer, and family to get you on the repayment plan that is right and manageable for you.

Coaching, products, a financial plan

From the beginning, we help you take steps to move beyond student loan debt, build a healthy credit score, and reach a big financial goal — like buying your first home.

Encourage your college or company to partner with Shur.

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