Financing college is a student's first major investment. Help them protect it.

Good grades and test scores open up opportunities for students. A strong credit score enables wealth-building in adulthood.

What Your People Get When You Partner With Shur.

Protect Their Education

Build Financial Goals

Create Lifetime Wealth

Shur Helps Your Community Move From Student Loan Debt Toward Wealth Creation.

Financial Preparation for College

Be ready. We want your graduates to be prepared. Get the most out of their college experience, learn to manage student loans wisely, and complete their degrees to achieve their full academic potential.

Successful Early Financial Steps

Life happens. After graduating, insurance can help borrowers move through life’s unforeseen hurdles with confidence — so that their academic achievements yield professional and personal success.

Financial Planning for the Long Term

Build wealth. Savings, compounded interest, smart use of credit, long-term planning. Building a financial future means your entry-level employees learn how to meet their basic needs now while building wealth from a position of strength.


Why Partner With Shur?

Build community by focusing on what matters: a strong financial future.

A valuable benefit to inspire loyalty, engagement, and retention.

Gain a deeper understanding of your community's financial pressures, wants, and needs.

Encourage your college or company to partner with Shur.

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